Friends and Family

Meet our friends and family!

Grandma Dusty

                                         Grandma Dusty is AWESOME! She's not really even
                                         like a Grandma, more like a buddy. She still does things
                                         normal cats do like go skydiving, jump off tall trees, kill
                                         lizards, etc.

Pepito (Peppy)

 Peppy is friends with Mindy, and even though he's a, he's a, (excuse me) *cough* a dog, Peppy is one of our closest friends.


Mindy is fun, energetic, and DESTRUCTIVE.
This thing is almost completely evil. Look at her
face, she just looks evil.

Mrs. Glassman

Mrs. Glassman is pretty normal. She's our neighbor and our Grandma's friend.
Her house smells like cinnamon and she's always in her flower garden.