Monday, December 13, 2010


We got an iMac yesterday using our hoomans special plastic card. Those of you who have never used such a great item, you must get one.

How to find special plastic card:

1. If your hooman is a girl, go into its purse or bag and look in the red leather pocket, find the card that
looks nice to you. We prefer the cards labeled 'Platinum' or 'Gold'.

2. If not a purse, a pocket.

3. While you are at it, grab a phone, preferably iPhone or Blackberry. Exchange it for paper money later.

4. If the hooman is looking for the card, point at the dog. If there is no dog around, run.

This card is the key to everything, catnip, mice, bacon!

Anyway, back to the iMac we bought. Here are some photos!

The box is a great sleeping area!

For other stuff to buy with a special plastic card, visit our Stuff for Cats page!


  1. The box will be the best part of that purchase for you, we're sure! But we know your humans will enjoy the new iMac!

  2. Wow. Your human must have a good plastic card to get such a fine item.